About Z&K Cosmetics

Health, design, art and beauty - areas in which we have been active for a long time, and inspired us to think about what a person might need. We believe that people need the perfect combination of these elements.

Therefor we founded the Z&K cosmetics to provide it for them.We created the Z&K brand for YOU, for ME, for US, for everyone, regardless of age and gender, who understand what we want, who need it, and are not afraid to go after it.

Beauty is a very broad term, but radiant, satisfied and well-hydrated skin has only one synonym – EXACTLY. Our flagship product-line of EXACTLY cosmetics and vitamins has been developed by top dermatologists, health and beauty experts in Europe. Years of development in European laboratories, and countless tests with which we were each time closer to first-class skin care products, ended up in the EXACTLY cosmetic-line.

Discover the power of the ExactYOU serum with an immediate powder effect, combined with the perfect fragrance and regeneration power of the ExactUS tonic and the fine structure of the ExactME moisturizing cream.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman of any age, our premium composition of individual products will enhance the experience of your daily SKINCARE moment, with cosmetics developed EXACTLY for YOU.