Terms and conditions of the online shop zkeshop.sk

General terms and conditions of the zkeshop.sk shopping portal (hereinafter referred to as


the Seller is, in the meaning of this VOS, the company Z&K company s.r.o. with its registered office at Ľ.Fulla 2 , 900 26 in Slovenský Grob. ID No.: 53711203, VAT No.: 2121471528 registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Bratislava in sec. 151946/B, (hereinafter referred to as the “Seller”). Z&K company s.r.o. The contact details of the Seller are: zkcompany@zkcompany.sk,

1. Z&K company is an online retailer of health and beauty cosmetic products with relevant approvals. By this, the seller’s portal is understood as an online catalogue with the possibility of ordering online – in the form of the Internet.

2. When ordering goods online, the consumer shall provide the following information:

When ordering and purchasing by an individual who will no longer use our goods as the object of their business, employment or profession, you provide us with data:

Name, surname, address, email and phone number – In case of purchase of goods related to your business, please indicate your business name, ID number, postal code, place / address (registered office) when ordering

3. When the final order is sent to the Seller, your order will be processed and you will be notified of its progress by email notification. The Seller undertakes to send the ordered goods no later than within 1 week from the order dispatch in the form of cash on delivery of the Slovak Post, courier company or its own courier – in the event that the goods have not been dispatched and their delivery is delayed by uncontrollable facts, the trader is obliged to inform the client immediately by email.

4. The seller usually dispatches the goods within 48 hours by contract carrier. You will be notified of the delivery of the goods by email. The Seller undertakes to provide to the contract seller only the necessary personal data for the delivery of the shipment, these data being understood to mean:

name, address, telephone number.

5. Tax document, invoice, which is a tax document – we send by email or attach to the order. This invoice will be sent to the buyer within 14 days at the latest to the email specified when ordering the goods from the seller. The goods are deemed to have been delivered upon receipt of the consignment by the buyer or a third party authorised to take delivery of the consignment.

6. Orders placed in our e-shop are binding. In the event of an order not being placed and not being collected and not being paid for, Z&K company s.r.o. is entitled to claim compensation for damages in the full amount of the proven costs incurred. According to the law, the order can be returned to the seller within 14 days in its original condition. Returned damaged, used goods may not be returned except by way of a claim, provided that the goods are defective in manufacture. The system and method of claiming our products is specified in the terms and conditions.

7. The Seller is entitled to withdraw from the contract due to the emptying of stock in the warehouse, unavailability of materials necessary for the production of goods, or due to maintenance work on the equipment used to manufacture our products. The Seller undertakes and is obliged by law to inform the Customer of this fact and to refund the deposit paid for the goods no later than 14 days after the withdrawal from the contract in the form of a transfer to the account.

8. The buyer is entitled to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason within 14 days from the date of receipt of the ordered goods. The buyer has the right to test the goods in a manner similar to the usual way when buying in a traditional “brick and mortar” shop. Trying out the goods is absolutely not understood to use the goods for 14 days and then return them to the seller. When returning the goods, the buyer is obliged to send a written statement of withdrawal from the contract, indicating the details of the order in question, the account number for financial settlement. This cancellation also cancels any further supplementary contract relating to this order. In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the goods must be sent to the company’s address

Z&K company listed in the first part of the terms and conditions.

  • by withdrawing from the contract, the buyer undertakes to deliver the unused goods to the seller no later than 15 days from the date of withdrawal from the contract. Please insure the shipment.

The Seller does not accept parcels sent on cash on delivery. After a valid withdrawal from the contract and compliance with the terms and conditions by the consumer, the seller shall refund to the buyer all payments that the buyer has demonstrably paid. However, the Seller shall not be obliged to pay the costs of any other method of delivery chosen by the Buyer, but only the cheapest available method of delivery – upon withdrawal from the contract, the Buyer shall bear all costs associated with the shipment of the goods.

9. In the event of withdrawal from the contract by the buyer and delivery of used or damaged goods, or if the value of the goods is reduced due to mishandling of the goods, the seller is entitled to compensation for damages against the buyer,

10. The buyer may not withdraw from the contract, the subject of which is : – the sale of goods made according to the buyer’s special requirements, goods that have been custom-made on the basis of the buyer’s request.

11. The purchase price of the goods will always be confirmed to you in the order confirmation email. The buyer confirms that he/she has been informed that the order includes the obligation to pay the price.

12. All prices for goods and services and all charges in the online store are inclusive of VAT – prices are final. All promotions are valid while stocks last, unless otherwise stated for a specific product.

13. Warranty conditions are regulated by the Complaints Procedure.

14. The Seller shall not be liable for delayed delivery of goods caused by courier service or for incorrect indication of the address by the Buyer. The Buyer is obliged to carefully check the goods upon receipt from the Seller or courier and to confirm the receipt by signing the receipt document. Damage to the delivered parcel caused by the courier service must be claimed from the courier service employee. In this case, the buyer does not accept the damaged goods from the courier and the damage is noted on the receipt.

15. The Buyer has the right to cancel the order only and exclusively after the order has been sent and in the form of an email within 60 minutes of the order being sent. The Buyer must be able to cancel the order by the date of receipt of the email notification. Notification of an order in a “pending” state places the Buyer’s order into the production or shipping process, which cannot be stopped. Cancellation of the order is only possible by email. In the case of payment of the order to a bank account, after cancellation of the order, the costs will be refunded to the buyer at the latest within 14 days of the written/email confirmation of the cancellation of the order.

16. Privacy Policy

16.1. The Parties agree that the Buyer, if he is a natural person, is obliged to notify the Seller of his name and surname, address of permanent residence, including postal code, telephone number and e-mail address.

16.2. The buyer or the data subject (hereinafter referred to as “buyer” or “data subject”) provides personal data to the seller voluntarily for the purpose of fulfilling his obligations under the purchase contract and further communication with him. Without their provision, the Seller cannot properly perform the contract with the Buyer and therefore it will not be possible to conclude the contract with the Buyer. The purpose of processing these personal data is the issuance of a tax document, pre-contractual relations, identification of the buyer, order confirmation by phone or by e-mail, delivery of goods, registration in the online store www.Edenpharma.sk, sending information about news and promotional offers.

16.3. The Seller processes the personal data of the data subjects for marketing purposes on the basis of their request or consent of the data subject in accordance with § 11 (1) of the Act. 122/2013 Coll. on the protection of personal data, as amended by later legislation. The data subject shall consent to the processing of personal data for this purpose when ordering goods via the online shop www.Edenpharma.sk, when registering in the online shop www.Edenpharma.sk or in another appropriate manner. The data subject gives his/her consent by ticking the appropriate box before placing the order or when registering on the online shop www.Edenpharma.sk for the Seller to process and store his/her personal data in the scope of name, surname, email address in the Seller’s activity related to sending information about news and promotional offers and to process them in its information system Marketing. The Buyer grants the Seller this consent for a limited period of time until the purpose of processing the Buyer’s personal data is fulfilled

16.4. By sending the order to the Seller, the Buyer declares that he/she gives his/her consent within the meaning of § 11 (1) of Act No. 122/2013 Coll. The Seller undertakes to treat and store the Buyer’s personal data in accordance with the scope of clause 16.1 for the purposes specified in clause 16.2. The Seller undertakes to treat and dispose of the Buyer’s personal data in accordance with the applicable laws of the Slovak Republic. The Seller shall ensure the immediate destruction of the Buyer’s personal data after the purpose of processing has been fulfilled in accordance with Section 17(1) of the CPLR. The Buyer may withdraw consent to the processing of personal data at any time in writing. The consent shall expire within 1 month from the receipt of the withdrawal of consent by the Buyer to the Seller.

16.5. The Buyer has the right and opportunity to update personal data directly in the online mode on the website of the online store, in the customer section, immediately after logging in.

16.6. The Seller declares that, in accordance with § 6 (2) (c) of the Act on Personal Data Protection, personal data will be collected solely for the purpose specified in point 16.2. of these General Terms and Conditions.

16.7. The Seller declares that, in accordance with Section 6(2)(e) of the Personal Data Protection Act, it will ensure that personal data is processed and used exclusively in a manner that corresponds to the purpose for which it was collected.

16.8. The Seller declares that, in accordance with Section 6(2)(i) of the Personal Data Protection Act, it will process personal data in accordance with good manners and will act in a manner that does not contravene or circumvent the Personal Data Protection Act or other generally binding legal regulations.

16.9. The Buyer has the right, upon written request from the Seller, to request 1/ confirmation of whether or not personal data about him/her are processed, 2/ information in a generally comprehensible form about the processing of personal data in the information system in


  • (a) the identification details of the seller and of the seller’s representative, if appointed,
  • b) the identification data of the processor; this does not apply if the Seller does not proceed in accordance with § 8 ZnOOÚ when obtaining personal data,
  • (c) the purpose of the processing of personal data,
  • (d) the list of personal data or the scope of personal data pursuant to Section 10(4), first sentence, of the Convention on the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms; and
  • e) additional information which, taking into account all the circumstances and conditions of the processing of personal data, is necessary for the buyer to guarantee its rights and legally protected interests, in particular: – an indication of the voluntary nature or the obligation to provide the personal data requested; if the Seller obtains the Buyer’s personal data on the basis of the Buyer’s consent pursuant to Section 11 of the CPLR, the Seller shall also notify the Buyer of the period of validity of the consent, and if the Buyer’s obligation to provide personal data results from a directly enforceable legally binding act of the European Union, an international treaty to which the Slovak Republic is bound or a law, the Seller shall notify the Buyer of the legal basis which imposes this obligation on the Seller and inform the Buyer of the consequences of the refusal to provide the personal data; – the range of recipients, if it is foreseen or obvious that the personal data will be made available to them, – third parties, if it is foreseen or understood that personal data will be disclosed to them, – the range of recipients, if it is foreseen or understood that personal data will be disclosed to them, – third parties, if it is foreseen or understood that personal data will be disclosed to them, – the range of recipients, if it is foreseen or understood that personal data will be disclosed to them, – the form of disclosure, if personal data are to be disclosed, – third countries, if it is foreseen or understood that transfers of personal data to those countries are to take place,

16.11. Upon the issuance of a decision pursuant to paragraph 16.14, the Purchaser shall be entitled to familiarize himself with the procedure for processing and evaluating operations:

  1. in a generally comprehensible form, precise information about the source from which he or she obtained his or her personal data for processing,
  2. a list, in a generally comprehensible form, of the personal data subject to processing,
  3. the rectification or destruction of your incorrect, incomplete or outdated personal data subject to processing,
  4. the destruction of his or her personal data for which the purpose of the processing has ended; if the subject of the processing are official documents containing personal data, he or she may request their return,
  5. the destruction of her personal data which are the subject of the processing if there has been a breach of the law,
  6. the blocking of her personal data due to the withdrawal of her consent before the expiry of its validity period, if the Seller processes personal data on the basis of the Buyer’s consent. 16.11. The Buyer’s right pursuant to clause 16.10 (3) and (4) may only be restricted if such restriction is based on a specific law or if its application would violate the protection of the Buyer or would violate the rights and freedoms of other persons.

16.12. The Buyer, upon free written request, has the right to object to the Seller’s

  1. the processing of her personal data which she believes is or will be processed for direct marketing purposes without her consent and to request its destruction,
  2. the use of the title, name, surname and address of the purchaser for direct marketing purposes in postal communications; or
  3. providing the title, name, surname and address of the Buyer for direct marketing purposes.

16.13. Upon written request or in person, if the matter cannot be delayed, the Buyer has the right to object to the processing of personal data at any time with the Seller in cases pursuant to § 10 (3) (a). (a), (e), (f) or (g) ZnOOÚ by stating legitimate grounds or by providing evidence of unjustified interference with its rights and legally protected interests which are or may be harmed in a particular case by such processing of personal data; if this is not prevented by legal grounds and the Buyer’s objection is proven to be justified, the Seller is obliged to block and destroy the personal data, the processing of which was objected to by the Buyer, without undue delay and as soon as the circumstances permit.

16.14. The Buyer, upon written request or in person if the matter cannot be delayed, shall furthermore have the right to object to the Seller at any time and not to submit to a decision of the Seller which would have legal effects or significant impact on the Buyer, if such decision is made solely on the basis of automated processing of the Buyer’s personal data. The Buyer shall have the right to request the Seller to review the decision made by a method other than automated processing, and the Seller shall comply with the Buyer’s request, with the Authorised Person playing a decisive role in the review of the decision; the Seller shall inform the Buyer of the method of review and the outcome of the finding within the time limit set out in clause 16.21. The Buyer shall not have this right unless a specific law providing for measures to safeguard the Buyer’s legitimate interests so provides, or if, in the pre-contractual relationship or during the existence of the contractual relationship, the Seller has issued a decision granting the Buyer’s request, or if the Seller has taken other appropriate measures under the contract to safeguard the Buyer’s legitimate interests.

16.15. Ak kupujúci uplatní svoje právo

  1. písomne a z obsahu jej žiadosti vyplýva, že uplatňuje svoje právo, žiadosť sa považuje za podanú podľa tohto zákona; žiadosť podanú elektronickou poštou alebo faxom kupujúci doručí písomne najneskôr do troch dní odo dňa jej odoslania,
  2. osobne ústnou formou do zápisnice, z ktorej musí byť zrejmé, kto právo uplatnil, čoho sa domáha a kedy a kto vyhotovil zápisnicu, jeho podpis a podpis kupujúceho; kópiu zápisnice je predávajúci povinný odovzdať kupujúcemu,
  3. u sprostredkovateľa podľa bodu 1 alebo 2 tohto odseku, je ten povinný túto žiadosť alebo zápisnicu odovzdať predávajúcemu bez zbytočného odkladu.

16.16. Kupujúci pri podozrení, že jeho osobné údaje sa neoprávnene spracúvajú, môže podať Úradu na ochranu osobných údajov Slovenskej republiky návrh na začatie konania o ochrane osobných údajov.

16.17. Ak Kupujúci nemá spôsobilosť na právne úkony v plnom rozsahu, jej práva môže uplatniť zákonný zástupca.

16.18. Ak kupujúci nežije, jeho práva, ktoré mal podľa tohto zákona, môže uplatniť blízka osoba.

16.19. Žiadosť kupujúceho podľa bodu 16.9., 16.10. 1/, 3/ až 6 , a bodu 16.12 . až 16.14. vybaví predávajúci bezplatne.

16.20. Žiadosť kupujúceho podľa bodu 16.10. 2/ vybaví predávajúci bezplatne okrem úhrady vo výške, ktorá nemôže prekročiť výšku účelne vynaložených vecných nákladov spojených so zhotovením kópií, so zadovážením technických nosičov a s odoslaním informácie kupujúcemu, ak osobitný zákon neustanovuje inak.

16.21. Predávajúci je povinný písomne vybaviť žiadosť kupujúceho podľa odsekov16.19. a

16.20. najneskôr do 30 dní odo dňa doručenia žiadosti

16.22. Obmedzenie práv kupujúceho podľa bodu 16.11. predávajúci bez zbytočného odkladu písomne oznámi kupujúcemu a Úradu na ochranu osobných údajov Slovenskej republiky.

17. Kupujúci po odoslaní objednávky, či registrácii môže dostávať správy o ponukách tovarov, pribúdajúcich benefitov, súťažiach a službách predávajúceho. Objednávateľ môže nastavenie emailových notifikácii zmeniť prihlásením do svojho užívateľského účtu.

18. Zaškrtnutím políčka pri registrácii, alebo objednávaní tovaru bez nutnosti registrácie, zákazník súhlasí, že si tieto VOS prečítal, v plnom rozsahu ich porozumel.

19. Predávajúci si vyhradzuje práve obchodné podmienky zmeniť. Oznámenie o zmene obchodných podmienok si predávajúci ako povinnosť plní pridaním oznámenia pod tieto obchodné podmienky. Uvedie tak dátum poslednej zmeny, ktorou obchodné podmienky nadobúdajú platnosť a v plnom rozsahu nahradzujú predchádzajúce VOS

20. Na vzťahy neupravené týmito všeobecnými obchodnými podmienkami sa vzťahujú príslušné ustanovenia Občianskeho zákonníka, zákona č. 22/2004 Z.z. o elektronickom obchode a o zmene a doplnení zákona č. 128/2002 Z.z. o štátnej kontrole vnútorného trhu vo veciach ochrany spotrebiteľa a o zmene a doplnení niektorých zákonov v znení zákona č. 284/2002 Z.z. v znení neskorších predpisov a Zákona č. 102/2014 Z.z. o ochrane spotrebiteľa pri predaji na diaľku

Z&K company Všeobecné obchodné podmienky portál www.zkeshop.sk nadobúdajú účinnosť voči kupujúcemu uzavretím kúpnej zmluvy, ktorou sa považuje zaslatie objednávky formou internetového obchodu/katalógu, emailovej záväznej objednávky, telefonickej objednávky a následneho potvrdenia formou emailu.

Reklamačné podmienky

1. Tento reklamačný poriadok bol spracovaný podľa Občianského zákonníka v znení neskorších predpisov (ďalej len „Zákon“) a vzťahuje sa na spotrebný tovar (ďalej len „Tovar“), u ktorého sú v záručnej dobe uplatňované práva kupujúceho zodpovednosti za chyby (ďalej len „Reklamácie“).

2. Predávajúcim sa rozumie spoločnosť  Z&K company s.r.o. zo sídlom na Ľ.Fullu 2 , 900 26 v Slovenskom Grobe. IČO: 53711203, DIČ: 2121471528 zapísaná v Obchodnom registri Okresného súdu Bratislava v odd. Sro, Vložka číslo: 151946/B

3. “Kupujúci” je spotrebiteľ tovaru (osoba ktorá nakupuje tovar pre osobnú spotrebu,)

4. Fyzické a právnické osoby berú na vedomie, že podmienky záruky (záručná doba) môžu byť odlišné od podmienok záruky pre spotrebiteľov a vzťahy medzi predávajúcima kupujúcim sú upravene obchodným zákonníkom.

Záručné podmienky

1. Ak pri dodaní tovaru vykazuje tovar zjavné chyby, je dodaný v poškodenom transportnom obale, je kupujúci povinný tento tovar neprevziať. V takom prípade zostáva kupujúcemu nárok na poskytnutie riadneho plnenia Predávajúceho, prípadne vrátenie kúpnej ceny tovaru.

2. V prípade, že po prevzatí tovaru Kupujúcim sa vyskytnú v záručnej dobe chyby tovaru, môže kupujúci uplatniť svoju oprávnenú reklamáciu. reklamačný list (/wpcontent/uploads/2015/06/reklamacia.pdf) = kliknite pre stiahnutie reklamačného listu 3. Dĺžka záručnej doby sa riadi platnými ustanoveniami Zákona, ktorý ju udáva na 24 mesiacov. Záručná doba tovaru začína plynúť dňom dodania tovaru kupujúcemu.

4. V prípade, že reklamovaný tovar je doručovaný poštou, kuriérom prepravnej spoločnosti, zodpovedná osoba tento tovar prevezme, skontroluje dokumentáciu. Rozhodujúcim dátumom na plynutie reklamácie tovaru je dátum doručenia kuriérskou službou. Predávajúci nepreberie akýkoľvek tovar zasielaný na dobierku od kupujúceho.

Zodpovednosť predávajúceho za vady tovaru

1. V prípade že sa jedná o vadu na produkte, ktorú je možné bezodkladne odstrániť, predávajúci je povinný danú vadu odstrániť.

2. Predávajúci môže odmietnuť reklamovanie tovaru, pri ktorom nebolo dodržané nasledovné: Správne uskladnenie produktu podlá prídavného letáku či etikety

3. Predávajúci poučil spotrebiteľa tovaru o jeho právach formou reklamačného poriadku umiestneného na svojej internetovej stránke ktoré mu vyplývajú z ust. §622 Občianského zákonníka a právach ktoré mu vyplývajú z ust. § 623 Občianského zákonníka. Predávajúci umožnil prečítanie týchto podmienok v čase objednávky. Vybavenie reklamácie 1. Reklamácia sa uplatňuje zaslaním poškodeného tovaru na korešpondenčnú adresu spoločnosti, ktorá je: Z&K company s.r.o. zo sídlom na Ľ.Fullu 2 , 900 26 v Slovenskom Grobe. IČO: 53711203, DIČ: 2121471528 zapísaná v Obchodnom registri Okresného súdu Bratislava v odd. Sro, Vložka číslo: 151946/B. Kupujúci je povinný spoločne s tovarom doložiť faktúru a vyplnený reklamačný list. Bez reklamačného listu nie je možné reklamáciu uplatniť. Vyplnený reklamačný list je možné zaslať aj emailom. 3. Reklamácie musia byť vybavené bez zbytočného odkladu najneskôr do 30 dní odo dňa uplatnenia reklamácie.

4. V situácii kedy kupujúci zasiela tovar predávajúcemu, je povinný ho zabaliť do vhodného obalu, aby nedochádzalo k navlhnutiu, či inému poškodeniu tovaru.

5. Pri prevzatí a kontrole tovaru od kuriéra je rozhodujúcim dátumom pre začatie reklamácie dátum doručenia kuriérom.

6. Zodpovedná osoba v plnej miere zodpovedá za plynutie reklamácie na ktoré sa viaže ustanovenie zákona č. 250/2007 Z.z. o ochrane spotrebiteľa a Občianského zákonníka. Zákazník je o vybavení reklamácie bezodkladne informovaný emailom uvedeným pri kúpe tovaru a to v zákonnej lehote.

7. Nárok na uplatnenie záruky zaniká v prípade spotrebovaním viac ako 10% obsahu tovaru. Záverečné ustanovenia V prípade akejkoľvek reklamácie kontaktuje spotrebiteľ emailom predávajúceho a dohodne sa s ním na najvhodnejšom postupe pri vybavovaní reklamácie v súlade s reklamačnými podmienkami. V prípade, že sa domnievate, že boli porušené vaše spotrebiteľské práva, môžete využiť možnosť Alternatívneho riešenia sporov Zákon č. 102/2014 a to obrátením sa na tieto inštitúcie:

  • SOI – Slovenská obchodná inšpekcia
  • Úrad pre reguláciu elektronických komunikácií a poštových služieb (týka sa verejných služieb a poštových služieb,
  • súkromná firma, ktorá má o štátu licenciu na vykonávanie (tzv. oprávnená právnická osoba, zapísaná v zozname).

Tento reklamačný poriadok nadobúda svoju platnosť spolu s VOS 01.01.2017.

Zmeny reklamačného poriadku a VOS budú oznámené.

Kontaktné údaje


Z&K company s.r.o., Ľ.Fullu 2, Slovenský Grob 90026

email: zkcompany@zkcompany.sk